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Classic River Thames fishing - This statement sums up Goring perfectly.

The stretch has changed dramatically over recent years. Over 10 years ago, the dominant method was far bank feeder flinging for big bags of Chub.

Nowadays, a more diverse range of fishing can be had. Depending on your personal preference, excellent sport can be had by fishing the pole or waggler for Roach and Perch, or trying to get amongst the Bream through the middle of the river. Far bank feeder fishing still plays its part, especially for the big resident chub.


SECTION 1 - PEGS 1 to 28

These pegs are very popular throughout the season and vary in nature quite a lot. Pegs 1 to 5 are excellent roach pegs from autumn onwards as the roach tend to shoal up here for some reason. All pegs between 1 and 20 are capable of throwing up big weights of bream through the middle, but the water must be carrying some colour for them to feed. Several pegs along this length have far bank features and the big Perch and Chub tend to shelter under the cover - Although, a barren far bank often throws up even better weights!

Caution - Some of the pegs along this stretch are quite narrow due to erosion and you will need to sit on the towpath. Please be considerate of walkers etc. and make sure you keep the path clear. On the subject of walkers, the path is very popular during the summer months please bear this in mind when fishing the pole – Or prey for rain! Cycling is NOT legally permitted on the footpath.

Access via end of Ferry Lane (Peg 1 onwards), the Public footpath half way down Manor Road next to the lamp post (exits onto Thames Path at peg 8), or the Public footpath at the end of Manor Road (signed to Jordleys) that exits onto Thames Path at peg 28.

For further Peg 1 to 28 details, click the red button:       



In the season 2016-17 this section was reopened to Goring Fishing Club anglers and those in possession of a VALID DAY TICKET. It cannot be night fished on a day ticket. This is a Members Only section for Night Fishing.

During March 2017 extensive work was carried out to clear vegetation, bushes and tree branches from the Pegs. Praise must go to those Members that participated in the various work parties.

The vast majority of these Swims are well clear of the Thames Path allowing Anglers more space to fish. Generally the Swims are shallow bankside with a gradual slope for about two rod lengths before the river deepens quickly. The far bank can be fished with ledger and the slope is sandy making it possible to wade; but Waders do so at their own risk.

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PEGS 38 to 68

The Meadows. This is probably the most consistent and fairest part of the venue. Contains a good head of stamp Roach and Perch. There are also increasing quantities of skimmers being caught, but they have not really been targeted. Very popular to employ a heavy groundbait balling approach on the pole line for anything that swims. On the bend at peg 58 onwards, there are some excellent wading pegs that are ideal for waggler fishing. The inside is very shallow on the pole line and you tend to have to fish through the middle to find the flow and the fish. Once the river straightens, there are some excellent pegs for when the river is carrying extra water as they are deep and are sheltered from the main flow.

Access via end of of Manor Road - fastest way is through the end gate and turn right.

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Little Meadow. (Nature Reserve) & Gatehampton. Rarely fished over the past few years.

This stretch is deeper, generally 10 to 12 feet about 3 rod lengths out where the river level is normal. The section does not contain as many Roach and Perch, but is resident to some very big fish including Barbel, Chub and Carp.

The pegs around the railway bridge often throw up good mixed bags (Roach, Dace, Perch and Chub); as the fish do tend to shoal up there. The peg just downstream of bridge is quite snaggy but has produced some good sized fish.




Access also via end of of Manor Road - fastest way is through the end gate and continue ahead, go under the bridge and then turn right down to the river.

Note 1: For Members that are REGISTERED DISABLED, access can be provided via the Gatehampton Farm Gate: parking under the Railway Bridge. To arrange access please contact the Secretary or Bailiff prior to your fishing trip.

Note 2: There is a small bramble area at bankside below the railway bridge that is a designated a Nature Reserve and is not to be cut or damaged in any way. Nor is that bank section to be fished. This area will be photographed and it will be shown on the website. Members please respect this Nature Conservation Area of the bank.

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