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You will find Goring Fishing Club news and newsletters information tabulated below.

To download the PDF document, click the button and save to your computer or open.

News 7 September, 2018 Notice The Angling Trust are asking that individual Anglers join their organisation and their request notice is posted here.
News 6 June, 2018 Newsletter Angling Trust have issued a card providing advice about Weil's Disease. That published advice is duplicated in this newsletter for our members to see.
News 5 May, 2016 Newsletter South Oxford District Council unwisely granted the planning application. STOP GORING HYDRO are legally challenging that decision and the Club support them. The STOP GORING HYDRO web leaflet is available here.
News 4 October, 2015 Newsletter The building of a Hydroelectric Generating System at Goring Weir; Application has been represented to South Oxford District Council. Open the Newsletter

News 3 June, 2015 Newsletter Operation LEVIATHAN, the largest multi-police force and multi-agency operation to ever target illegal fishing and fish theft, will be launched on Thursday 11th June 2015, this PDF is their briefing note.
News 2 May, 2015 Newsletter The building of a Hydroelectric Generating System at Goring Weir; reasons why the application should NOT take place. Open the Newsletter
Pet 1 May, 2015 Petition River Lambourn raises fears that new house building will cause national decline in it's water quality -- sign the petition Open the Article
News 1 May, 2014 Newsletter Welcome to season 2014-15

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