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The name of the club shall be "The Goring Fishing Club"
Thereafter, The Goring Fishing Club shall be known as "The Club"
The General Committee of the Club shall have power after receipt by the Hon. Secretary of an application supported by a proposer and seconder who are already members of the Club, to elect such persons to annual membership as they shall think fit.
The annual subscription for membership shall be determined at the Clubs Annual General Meeting and shall fall due on the 1st April each year.
Officers of the Club shall be: Chairman, Secretary, Treasurer and Match Secretary, to be elected from the members of the Club. Officers shall be elected each Annual General Meeting.
  The elected officials shall hold office for one year. Should any member be unable to complete this period the Committee of the Club may elect another member to his office. The committee of the Club shall also have power to co-opt any person for a specific time or purpose.
  Only Members may NIGHT FISH the venue. Day Tickets allow fishing from Sunrise to Sunset. No fires are permitted at any time. At all times fishermen must show due consideration to other river users.
-- Night Fishing at Gatehampton [pegs 68 to 86] is NOT PERMITTED. --
  All fish caught on the Clubs water must be returned alive. The only exception being that of diseased fish, which may be, if considered necessary, destroyed. Fish may be removed under supervision of a bailiff.
  All visitors to the water must be in possession of a valid day ticket, unless other arrangements have been made with the Committee.
  Lead: It is prohibited to use lead shot as defined in Government and Local Water Authorities Rules or Legistation.
The Match Secretary shall be responsible for all correspondence, organisation, of dates of matches, running of matches, recording of weights and competitions. Any other business connected with the Club will be dealt with by the Secretary.
The Secretary will be responsible for the collection of the Clubs annual subscriptions and will hand these to the Clubs Treasurer.
The Treasurer will be responsible for the Clubs finances and will include all accounts for the Club within the annual balance sheet of the fishing club.
All bailiffs will, as soon as possible, after carrying out their duties, hand all monies collected to the Clubs Treasurer.
  The committee of the Club shall have the power to dismiss any member of the Club, who will be notified
in writing.
  All members will be responsible for obtaining an Environmental Agency rod licence that together with the Clubs permit or valid day ticket must be available on demand whilst fishing.
  Always, it is the responsibility of the fisherman to leave the bank in a clean and tidy condition.
  A junior member must have fished at least three matches before qualifying to be able to fish for the junior trophy.
All competitors must be "full members" of the above Club.
The qualifying competition will be fished over five rounds the winner being the person with the best three results of the five rounds. The dates of these rounds will be selected by the match secretary and published well in advance of the commencement date.
The winner of each round will be competitor gaining the highest points. Points will be awarded as for Club matches. Should there be a tie for equal weight, equal points will be awarded and the next points score omitted.
The competitors must have fished at least three club matches prior to commencement date of the qualifying rounds. The winner of the competition with the highest aggregate points will be deemed the trophy winner.
Draw to take place forty-five minutes before start of match. Anyone arriving late will report to the organiser to draw a peg.
Plumbing of depth, position of keepnet and bank sticks and taking of water to make groundbait will be allowed.
Any competitor leaving his peg must remove all tackle except keepnets from the water. All baits to be removed from hooks. Anyone not doing so is liable for disqualification.
All fish in season except Pike, Crustaceans and dead fish will be weighed in. The exception is Pike Matches.
Only one rod and single hook and line to be used at any one time, others may be set up. In a Pike Match, two rods may be used.
No livebaiting on Club waters
Dead bait and artificial lures may only be used at Pike Matches.
Wading up to knee deep will be allowed.
Anglers to be responsible for removing litter from the peg before weighing in.
King of Club. See rule 15.
Pike Matches will be decided by weight only.
  It is the responsibility of all that fish the Clubs venue to read, understand and abide by the Clubs Rules.

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